Drone Services


Our Drone video services and aerial photography are based in Bolton and cover the northwest of England. Droneflyservices provides Aerial Photography and Videography using the very latest Drone technology. Our service is COMPETITIVE and bespoke per project and professional with results tailored to your requirements.

Droneflyservices takes safety seriously and will ensure all our pilots follow the guidelines. We have full Civil Aviation Authority approval. We look forward to working with all of our clients to bring your project to life.

Drone Fly Services

Professional Property Photography for Estate Agents
Our drones Record 4K and take pictures with FocusTrack (ActiveTrack, Spotlight, and Point of Interest), this will really sell to capture the main beauty of the property.
Drone services
Our Team Helps Property developers From concept to completion, we can help capture every stage of your build. Whether it be a light makeover or new kitchen installation through to an entire housing development.
property development
Drone Roof Inspections
No more spending so much with roofers and not knowing the unknown. Our team will capture the evidence by using our latest Drone technology and you can have a look before you call out a roofer or your call insurer for any repairs required
Drone Gutter inspections

Valley Gutters are prone to becoming clogged and unclear and when heavy and prolonged rains falls they cannot cope with the sheer volume and they overflow, causing damage to the fabric of the building, and possibly to any contents inside also.

solar drone service
Aerial Photography and Videography SoloPanel Inspections
Our team will capture the evidence by using our latest Drone technology and you can have a look before you call out cleaners or call your insurer for any repairs required.
Sports & Leisure Photography and Videography
Our Team will help the center capture the real life and facilities on why should they join their gylms and centers. Let your clients see the benefits before they sign up with you.


Contact our team and let us help bring your vision to life using the expertise of our creative team.

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